( Happy very very late birthday Murasakibara~! Sorry I wanted to finish this a long long time ago but ack life gets in the way of drawing ; v;” Aomine didn’t know what to say to him really so he kinda just left his gifts with Murasakibara while he was sleeping. Geez Aomine so shy—/ shot. ) Anyways, hopefully I can get to answering the few questions I have left and get my event I had up in mind running for all my awesome followers whoot whoot ~ / o / )

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The last thing she could remember was… Hold on, what exactly was the last thing that happened? Kougyoku blinked her eyes furiously as creases of a scowl set into her forehead. Just what in the world was she looking at? There were oddly dressed strangers passing her by, whispering things and pointing at her all the while. How rude? Didn’t they know better than to treat an imperial princess this way? And just where was Ka Kobun to teach them a lesson about just who she was? 

“Who do you think you’re staring at?” the princess barked at one of the children that dared raised a finger in her direction. She felt a sudden paranoia; being in this foreign place surrounded by such strange people. She cleared her throat, then straightened her posture. With a haughty expression replacing the confusion on her face, Kougyoku raised her chin and waved her hand nonchalantly as she called out a tall tanned man making his way through the string of people around her. “You there,” she began, her tone authoritative, “I demand to know where I am.”

Judging from the man’s dark skin, it would be safe to say she wasn’t still in the Kou Empire. Just what magic was this?

It was supposed to be one of those good o’ easygoing days where the officer did absolutely nothing of major importance before calling it a day.

Yet why did he find himself strolling through the many streets of Tokyo when his shift was already over? He silently cursed to himself, letting a ‘cheh,’ escape his lips as he glowered at the cause for this. Of course his boss had to make him go settle some commotion happening right before he left work. He scorned his superior mentally, his aura and glare so fierce people made way for him. Whoever or whatever was causing all this racket was not going to get off lightly for messing up his afternoon.

A yell soon disrupted his thoughts and he scanned the horizon to find the source. There, in front of the less frequented shopping centers in Tokyo, was a woman dressed in the most weirdest getup Aomine had ever seen. It almost rivaled the sight of Murasakibara in that ridiculous dress he wore during the Teikou Festival. He raised one eyebrow at her and had to wonder if she was one of those weirdos who dressed up as anime characters. Though the police officer didn’t give the thought further attention as he saw that the strange female turned to him and demanded to know where she was.

"Haaaaaaah?!" Aomine said in a half exasperated, half annoyed tone as irritation was clearly seen on his face. The officer was already in a sour mood so he certainly wasn’t going to tolerate her high-and-mighty attitude. "Look lady, I don’t care who you are or where you came from but this is Japan, not your little castle or wherever the hell you came from so don’t be expecting people to listen to your orders.” He retorted, scowling down at the foreigner. He tried not to raise his voice too high to scare anyone who happened to be in the vicinity but his patience was running low quickly.

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Heh, ‘course I am.

( Inspired by this gif lololol. )

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maybe. why do you want to know anyways?

( omg this took me forever to color because school and hw and bluh im gomen i started half-coloring some of them but i really wanted this done before tumblr was closed for maintenance ; 33;” anyways headcanon time! read below if you want to know ~

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( just a little doodle/quick sketch/thing I drew as a stress reliever from schoolwork and long asks. this is just another au!aomine I thought of recently ahaha… yeah,Ishouldreallystopwiththeausorz;;

ahem, anyways this post actually does have a reason because normally I wouldn’t post such a messy sketch okay that’s a lie but still.

it seems that my followers count has reached 45 when I only made like what, 10 posts (and two of them were just mod posts so technically 8)? ━ Σ(゜ロ゜;) wow, where did all you guys come from and why are you still following me?! thanks so much for following me even though I’m such a slow mod and my drawings aren’t exactly the cleanest or prettiest! in return I have an event in mind coming soon for you guys to show my thanks so look forward to it ~ (⌒▽−)=★

ooc-tan out ~!)

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happy birthday ooc-tan! :D

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